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Miss Muddy Paws

"Playing in the muddy, entangled life of the garden, that's me."

Ann Yakimovicz is a painter and landscape architect working in the Texas Hill Country outside of Austin. She currently paints intuitive, non-representational abstracts in acrylics, inspired by the feelings of color and beauty around her. 

"I paint for my viewers. Be joyous at the complexity of nature demonstrated by plants. Every day, every year, we find out more about how plants work together, communicate with each other, share with each other. My abstracts layer color and texture to let you celebrate the visible and invisible entangled connections of soil, microbacteria, fungi, minerals, air, and water in roots, leaves, branches, bark, and flowers."

Ann was born in Florida and grew up in an Air Force family, living in many US and overseas locations as a child and young adult. She comes from farmers and gardeners on both sides of her family and says nature is imprinted in her heart. She majored in landscape architecture at Texas A&M University and has practiced since 1986, most recently concentrating on residential design using native and adapted plants for sustainable landscapes in our post-wild world. A mostly self-taught late blooming artist, she learned about painting and built her skills in classes offered at The Contemporary Austin Art School in Austin, Texas, plus wonderful online courses from Will Kemp, Jane Davies, Karine Swenson, Bob Burridge, and Carla Sonheim. Her influences include Richard Diebenkorn, Hans Hofmann, Joan Mitchell and Helen Frankenthaler.